Children’s Cancer Centre

Construction, access and logistics

Deconstruction and Construction Management Plan

John Sisk & Son Ltd is the building contractor for the development of the Children’s Cancer Centre at GOSH and are leading the deconstruction and construction process.

The Deconstruction and Construction Management Plan (DCMP) outlines how deconstruction and construction activities will be carried out whilst ensuring safety and minimising disruption to the surrounding community. The document can be viewed here which has been approved by LB Camden (February 2024). A number of consultation and engagement events were held to develop the DCMP. The first iteration of the DCMP was published with the planning application in 2022.

The approved document can be viewed here which has been approved by LB Camden.

Keeping the community updated

Current Works

To facilitate the safe arrival and departure of construction traffic to/from site, London Borough of Camden are undertaking highway alterations. They are currently undertaking work at Guilford St. and Guilford Pl. to widen the turning radius and relocate the pedestrian crossing approximately 2m in an easterly direction. These works are anticipated to take 4 weeks to complete and started on the 19th February 2024. Once these works are finished Camden will start work on to alter the highway on Great Ormond Street.

Current Works
Current Works

Real time noise/dust/vibration monitors were installed within the hospital on the 19th February 2024.

UK Power Networks (UKPN) started works on the 22nd of February 2024. These works involve in installing of a new high voltage cable in the carriageway along Great Ormond Street. They have implemented their own traffic management system on Great Ormond Street, including a stop/go system. These are expected to take 3 weeks to complete.

Current Works

Scaffolding is being erected within the hospital and is due to complete on 7 March 2024. The next stage is to install pipe work.

Sisk will begin their enabling works with the removal of the old GOSH main entrance canopy during the week starting on 4th March. To facilitate these works, Sisk have erected a scaffold working platform to enable access whilst also maintaining a fire escape route from the old main entrance, under the new Building Safety Act (BSA). To be in compliance with the new BSA, these scaffold platform erection works must take place over weekends (Saturday the 24th February & Sunday 25th February 2024 and Saturday 2nd March and Sunday the 3rd March).

Tree Pruning works were undertaken by LBC on Great Ormond Street.

Upcoming Works

A tower crane base which is in the service yard of the hospital will be removed with works starting on the 4th March 2024.

The deconstruction of the main entrance to the frontage building will commence on the 6th March 2024.

Building Property surveys are to be commissioned with our appointed chartered surveyor on domestic and commercial properties within close proximity of the site boundary.

Highway alteration works will commence on the 21st March 2024 on Lambs Conduit Street, Boswell Street and Great Ormond Street which will include kerb adjustments, signage, parking bay relocation and an additional pedestrian crossing on western Great Ormond Street,and kerb line adjustment on Orde Hall Street.

The outdoor eatery outside The Perseverance Public House will be removed as per LBC instruction in preparation for the necessary highways work.

Construction Working Group

Meeting - 7th February 2024