Children’s Cancer Centre

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Deconstruction and Construction Management Plan Consultation – November 2023

John Sisk & Son Ltd is the building contractor for the development of the Children’s Cancer Centre at GOSH and are leading the deconstruction and construction process.

The draft Deconstruction and Construction Management Plan (DCMP) outlines how deconstruction and construction activities will be carried out whilst ensuring safety and minimising disruption to the surrounding community.

The draft DCMP, originally submitted with the application in May 2022, has been under development following ongoing discussions with LB Camden.

During August-September 2023 we held a consultation on the revised DCMP to share the detailed information on the programme of works that will take place and the changes to the road network to facilitate the safe delivery of the project for all involved.

The final draft document can be viewed here which was submitted to LB Camden on 24 October 2023.

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